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Relationships : Acoustic guitar project

The guitar to me is kind of like having a deepened most interconnected relationship.

I take the guitar around town, introduce the guitar to friends, how we met, the story of the acoustic guitar project.

I bring the guitar home and sing through it, we have moments that only the universe could think of.

I know that the guitar must leave me soon and go into someone else’s arms, and I’ll cherish the moment that I had with it. I know, like a human, I never can possess the guitar. The guitar’s inner thoughts will only speak to me if I treat it with care and honor.

Although the guitar will never be able to speak like a human, I feel that other collected spirits and energies that have touched the guitar show me how the guitar speaks and just how vulnerable and open it gets when we are together.

As long as I know that my moments with the guitar were the most brilliant in my eyes, then maybe it will, just maybe, return to stay for a little while longer.

The longer the moment shared, the deeper the connection earned and that’s what I can hold onto for the rest of my life.

awkwardlyasha asked: I just wanted to say that you are amazing. After seeing you with DATS in Plymouth, you have inspired me to go back to trying to make music. Thanks. I really hope that I can collaborate with you one day. You are a great guy :)

Aw! Thank you so much for the kind words and message. I’m not on tumblr a lot. I’ve been trying to get on tumblr more.

Speechless Sunday.

Speechless Sunday.

The Symphony of this City.

All these promises that I hoped you’d keep. Getting lost in your absence while my heart grows weak.

It’s like pulling teeth and putting them on metal plates, no more spoken moments, All that’s left is hidden space.

Lies, truth, and everything in between. You are the light, you are the vision, you are the symphony of this city.

Like being pulled apart by horses while sitting on spinning plates, no remorse from the torture, just hidden energy in the space.

It’s like broken bones laying in the catacombs
When they’ve served their purpose
The spirit loosens stitches sewn

You are Lies, you are truth, you are everything in between.

You are the light, you are the vision, you are the symphony of this city.

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Cracks. Unicorns.

No crack is ever too small.
Once a crack forms, there is always enough light to emerge out of the void.
Leonard Cohen sang it once, along those lines.

Unicorns. Say you find a unicorn.
It’s right there, right in front of your eyes but you deny what you see. You break off the horn because of your disbelief. It’s not until you poke splinters into it that you realize it is bleeding silver. And your thoughts on what you are actually doing caves in on you. That this unicorn has been through this before. The horn has cracks from the past worn into it. You see the remainder from the scars that are now imprints on the body. Other people that have come across the unicorn from its past didn’t believe in its existence. They tried the same thing you did only to leave a mark. But you, you think in unique and healing ways. You want to nurse this unicorn back into a health that it never imagined. You finally see the crack in the light. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to know that unicorns regrow snapped horns and regenerate at a faster rate than humans? The unicorn will probably have some shards and scars, but it always loves unconditionally. This is possibly the reason why unicorns exist and why they were created - To help humans believe that their imagination is real, and to help humans believe that there is an unimaginably powerful internal unicorn humming inside their own thoughts. You may not be able to see a unicorn when you first glance in the mirror, but gaze in the eyes and you’ll find your wholeness. A single crack of imagination can flood the essence of the most beautiful light into the mind.